Victorian Fireplaces

Victorian Fireplaces

Victorian Fireplaces can supply you with a cast iron fireplace in styles from the Georgian through Victorian to the Edwardian Era.

Our cast iron fireplace reproductions are copies of UK designs from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century in various styles from the classical elegance of the Georgian era through the ornate look usually associated with Victoriana.

All our reproduction fireplaces are foundry cast using traditional methods and in many cases the pattern has been taken from an original to achieve a true reproduction.

Combination fireplaces combine a cast iron fire surround, insert, fireback, flue plate, grate and front bars all in one complete easy to fit package 

Mantels are wooden, stone or cast iron surrounds for a fireplace insert or hob grate.

We stock cast iron fireplace inserts that fit inside a mantel or fire surround.

Common from the Georgian era up to Edwardian times, Hobgrates are fireplace inserts with hobs for cooking.

Traditionally placed in inglenook fire chambers, fire baskets are large ornate free standing grates that can sit on dog legs or andirons

Tiles and tile sets are not included with our fireplaces

You can choose from our full range of  Individual patterned tile sets or  Running patterned tile sets  to suit our fireplaces on our fireplace-tiles website

A fireplace hearth is a fire-resistant area placed around a fire. We can supply hearths in a variety of styles and materials for gas or solid fuel use.

Original Complete Fireplaces

Original Fireplace Inserts

Original Fire Surrounds