Victorian Fireplaces

The Jekyll Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

The Jekyll is a reproduction of a Complete Cast Iron Fireplace in the Late Victorian Style c 1890.

It has a half arch surrounded by basket weave and medallion decoration.

The frieze is decorated with foliage, birds and butterflies and there is reeding under the shelf.

This item is

Made from Cast Iron.

Black finish

Item Code
£ 455

Made from Cast Iron.

Full polished

Item Code
£ 565
Jig Carron
Shelf Width
1040 mm
Body Width
860 mm
1040 mm
Opening Width
390 mm
Opening Height
635 mm
Shelf Depth
170 mm
Body Depth
200 mm

Suitable for class I and class II flues.


A gas fire to suit this fireplace is available
Heat input 6.3 kW. Item NUF023

£ 275